Social Pseudo-Sciences

Socialists have infiltrated our colleges, our schools, our law courts, our government, our media of communication and our churches. They have done so by the old Fabian method of infiltration, – wolves in sheep’s clothing. The Great Deceit by the staff of Veritas Foundation shows that the greatest danger to the Free World today is creeping socialism, and not only its Communist counterpart. For the blatant brutality of Communism is better understood by the American people, and hence regarded with well-informed hatred. The Great Deceit -Social Pseudo-Sciences is a thoroughly documented exposure of how leftists acquired tremendous power in our society. ~Archibald B. Roosevelt

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Table of Contentbookcover-460x690

Introduction – pg 1

Chapter I Socialist-Communist Brotherhood – pg 10

Chapter II Social Science – A Leftist Instrument – pg 38

Chapter III Socialism – Begins as Social Science – pg 55

Chapter IV History as a Political Tool – pg 65

Chapter V Marxist Twist History – pg 80

Chapter VI Leftism – Progress or Reaction – 91

Chapter VII The Anatomy of Prejudice – pg 112

Chapter VIII Bigotry of American Socialists – pg 134

Chapter IX The Science of Man is Blacked Out – pg 149

Chapter X Sociology – The Midwife of Socialism – pg 224

Chapter XI Socialized Law Debases American Jurisprudence – pg 271

Epilogue pg – pg 334

The Great Deceit (Full Version)

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